Where It All Began

Our story from the very beginning

In 2011, we were a very small group of young estate agents who saw the prospect of breathing fresh air into an industry that had changed considerably over time and appeared to be stagnating. With our own personal perspective combined with all that we had learned during our years of experience, we decided to grab this opportunity with both hands, ready to engage with the local community.


Client Relationship

Over the last 6 years, we have built strong client relationships, and have been further solidifying our ties in and around our local community. From the start we have firmly valued person-over-property, where it’s not the commission that is priority, but in fact the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. With our accumulating local market knowledge and our personable, friendly nature, we wanted to establish the ultimate local agent for the local people.


Our Office

We had humble beginnings, and we worked extremely hard to evolve our office aesthetics to reflect our company philosophy and outlook. We wanted our clients to feel just as at home in our office as they do when they are with our agents; exuding feelings of trust and comfort while making no sacrifices on our professionalism – and over the years, we have created just that.


Why Friern Barnet?

We know Friern Barnet. And we don’t just mean knowing the values of properties from street to street. As important as that is, we understand your new home comes with the surrounding community it’s in. It’s about knowing where new local restaurants or cafés are planning to open, where places of worship are based and where catchment areas are for particular schools you might be interested in for the kids. With your best interests in mind, let us help you.


I like how it is so easy to find anything at a close proximity



Buzz in the Housing Market

We chose these leafy suburbs because we felt the buzz in the housing market and because creating something valuable in the community we were from just felt right to us. Friern Barnet has an illustrious past, and is looking at a bright future. With Princess Park Manor having been home to the likes of One Direction and JLS, Friern Barnet has long been home to famous faces, happy families and other young professionals who want to conveniently travel to and from central London.

As daunting as it was exciting, we had a vision for our small, independent firm, and all that it could become. We knew we wanted to establish ourselves here and we had found just the right place to do so.

Towards the Future


Since finding our feet, we have gone from strength to strength, and we truly love what we do. Over time the majority of our business has come from both loyal clients who have stayed with us for years and also those who our clients talk about us to – it could be friends, family, or colleagues.


We like to think that this is why we have been receiving more and more calls outside of Friern Barnet, but in and around North London. Our next milestone is to further solidify our presence across North London, and finally be the answer to the calls of countless landlords and vendors.


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