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The Budget was a 'missed opportunity' for the property market, with the Chancellor failing to announce some much sought-after 'game-changers', industry experts have said. Jeremy Hunt made several property-related announcements in the Budget, in... read more »


After latest researches it was found that selling a home in 2024 was the key priority for half of those surveyed. While 38% of home sellers admitted to having put off their plans to move, 73% are now more motivated to do so in 2024, with the searc... read more »


Find out what sellers, buyers and landlords could expect from this year You may have already read that last year’s property market showed more resilience than many expected. Based on this, it would be hard to lay any big bets on what may happe... read more »


Global commercial real estate investment in 2024  Global commercial real estate investment is down -54% year on year in 2023 at $430bn YTD. This compares to a 50% contraction in global cross-border investment over the same period. This is a gl... read more »


Looking for a speedy home sale without compromising on the asking price? In an ideal scenario, a property would effortlessly attract buyers, but sometimes a strategic approach is needed to showcase its full potential. If you're wondering how to incre... read more »


If you’re just getting started in the property market, you might have noticed the words ‘Freehold’ and ‘Leasehold’ in the sale listings. But what do those terms mean, and how are they different? And what are the pros and... read more »


  While it’s always encouraged to infuse your home with styles you simply love, instead of what’s trendy, there is something undeniably thrilling about watching the ever-evolving world of interior design transform year by year! &nb... read more »


People buy second homes for all sorts of reasons. You might view a second property as an investment in your retirement, an additional source of income, or even a way to support a family member (such as a child leaving for university).  Whilst i... read more »


In the symphony of life, the chapters involving the exchange of property are profound compositions that echo through history, literature, and the very fabric of human existence. The act of selling and buying property, a dance between the past and fut... read more »


As the new year rolls in, the customary rush to the gym and the determination to banish the takeout menus from our lives are accompanied by a renewed interest in DIY projects to revamp our homes. However, before diving into home improvement endeavour... read more »

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