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Rich in history and heritage, Epirus is a tapestry of mountains, lakes, unspoiled forests, sinuous valleys and fertile plains Bounded by the majestic Pindos mountains and the glittering Ionian sea, the spectacularly beautiful region of Epirus is a w... read more »


 AN ENGLISHMAN’S home is his castle. Those castles, however, are among the smallest in the rich world: the average house size in Britain is just 86 square metres (925 square feet), around 40% smaller than the average American home.  ... read more »


  First there was Silicon Valley, then the Roundabout, followed by the Fen. Now Slough's M4 corridor has been christened with a new name by a property developer: Silicon Alley.   Galliard Homes wants to take advantage of&n... read more »


Yesterday the Council of Ministers approved a 50 per cent reduction in the Immovable Property Tax rate and put an end to the property tax collected by municipalities and communities. CYPRUS Council of Ministers approved on Wednesday the reduction of... read more »


  TENANTS across the UK now have the right to ask their landlords for consent to make energy-saving home improvements. New legislation came into effect on April 1 that means those letting out a property will not be able to refuse eco-friendl... read more »


A Sheffield man, Rami Nazzal, in a landmark case at Sheffield Magistrates Court, has been convicted of both illegal eviction and subletting a council house he rented, both at the same time. It is believed that this is the first case of its kind in t... read more »


With more and more laws governing how to rent property in England, ARLA Managing Director, David Cox, provides some guidance for landlords. Using an Agent Not all letting agents are the same and price is not the best way to determine the right agen... read more »


A million more young people could be forced to live with their parents over the next decade to save enough for a deposit to buy their own home. The insurance company Aviva has estimated that 3.8 million people aged between 21 and 34 could ... read more »


Where to go after living at the world's most famous address for eight years? It appears that an 8,200-square-foot house in the upscale Washington DC neighborhood of Kalorama is the answer.   When the Obamas leave the White House in J... read more »


Buy-to-let continues to show positive returns for UK residential landlords with rents currently showing rises at their highest rates since the autumn of 2015. With the publication of the latest buy-to-let Index from. Your Move and Reeds Rains, la... read more »

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