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Is it true that we need to extend our lease before it falls below 80 years? Question: We have recently been advised to extend the term of the lease on our flat. There are 81 years left on it, but we’ve been told the 80-year mark is import... read more »


The Thamesmead Open competition has launched with a £200,000 fund to create art for the area.   It famously stood in for Stanley Kubrick’s bleak vision of the future in A Clockwork Orange but now it’s hoped Thamesmead&nb... read more »


A new tool juggles postcode, labour costs and extension size to reveal how much you could boost your home’s value per square metre   The average asking price of a London home is now £6,219 per square metre, more than twice... read more »


Question: We recently bought a house and all is fine except that one key — for the door to the backyard — is missing.  We have been told that to get a new one cut will cost £150.  The previous owner has admitted that the... read more »


Is it standard for all new homes to come with a warranty? Question: My wife and I bought a new-build flat three years ago. In the last six months we have noticed some major cracks developing in one wall. I contacted the solicitor who acted for us to... read more »


Question: My pushy neighbour is converting his loft which we don’t object to — but he has just served me a notice under the Party Wall Act. The notice says he wants to get his builder to do the  initial survey and create a &ldq... read more »


Newly confident London homeowners are continuing to put up their asking prices, responding to the surge in demand from buyers. Latest figures from Rightmove show asking prices in the capital up by 2.4 per cent so far this month c... read more »


If the children have left home, so can you. Today's empty-nester parents are downsizing to central London apartments and the bright lights. Once the children have moved on, so can you. There was a time when this meant empty-nester parents ... read more »


Hipster brunch spots sit alongside well-loved international foodie outlets in this south London area, once named one of the world's coolest neighbourhoods.  A few years ago, the south London area of Tooting was caught up in an unexpected buzz, ... read more »


Question: There is an enormous tree in my next-door neighbour’s garden and its roots are running everywhere, like something from the Tomb Raider film. It is definitely doing damage to my front wall and garage. What is the best way to deal with... read more »

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